Milk & Juice Bottle Range
Tully's Plastic Bottles offer a range of blow moulded plastic bottles for the milk and juice industry, ranging in size from 125 ml (8 gr) to 2 litre(45gr) ; in natural or cream colour. The bottles are manufactured using HDPE and PP ; we also supply caps and closures varying in type colour and to suit. To place your order click here.

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  5Lt Hex Natural 

   per Pack

  2Lt Natural
  40 per Pack

  2Lt Cream
  40 per Pack

  1Lt Natural
  130 per Pack

  1Lt Cream
  130per Pack

 500ml Natural
 150 per Pack

 500ml Cream
 150 per Pack

 500ml Foil Cap
 100 per Pack

 350ml Natural
 200 per Pack

 250ml Natural
 250 per Pack

 250ml Foil Cap
 200 per Pack

  125ml Natural
  300 per Pack






 Screw Caps
 1 per Pack




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